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We are a pharmaceutical company established in 2010 specialized in biotechnology, based in Portalegre, Portugal. Since our foundation, our focus has been creating a transparent value chain based on sustainable development, prodution, distribution and marketing of innovate medicines and medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements. We face the pharmaceutical world with a different view. More than responding to society needs and industry challenges, Finao’s goal is improve the quality of live of customers through a range of innovative products and development of new solutions that will change the pharmaceutical market.

Our mission is to SERVE!

At FINAO Biotech we care about society and the environment. Our innovative medical products, wich are non-toxic, biodegradable and higlhy efficient, reflect our concerns and represent our strenght in doing more and better by combining technology with the environment and society.

Since 2010, words like efficiency and sustainability has been followed our company. Our growth plan has always been well positioned, wether in structure or disciplne therms. The search for the best pharmaceutical development solutions has become Finao’s portfolio broader with a wide range of innovative products.