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Healthy Nutrition

With the population’s growing concern with healthy lifestyle habits such as healthy eating, there was a need to research the consumption patterns of the Portuguese population and their surroundings with the focus of this research: organic food. Although there are several studies in other countries that seek to identify the eating habits of their consumers and their patterns of consumption of this type of food, in Portugal this is a subject that has not yet been explored in such a way as to make it possible to understand these consumption patterns and identify a way of comparing them to consumers in other countries.
Nowadays, the way we eat and what we eat is constantly changing. Over the years, eating habits have been altered and globalization, together with the technological age, have allowed some of these habits to be demystified. Although technological advances have brought many advantages, there have also been some trade-offs. When it comes to nutrition and food, we’ve seen a growing volume of data and information that ends up being accessible to all of us through sharing on new technologies, particularly the internet. It has therefore become more difficult to manage all this information and understand to what extent it is valid.

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