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BioRepair® is a range of oral hygiene products with MicroRepair®, a technology based on bioactive zinc hydroxyapatite nanoparticles that allows 100% reconstitution of the enamel and reduction of dental sensitivity.


What is MicroRepair® technology?

MicroRepair® are particles made up of biominetic hydroxyapatite wich has a composition that is very similar to tooth enamel. MicroRepair® particles combine with the enamel and dentin, penetrating into the smallest scratches on the tooth repairing enamel.

What are the causes of tooth sensivity?

Every day, our teeth are exposed to the effects of food and drinks that causes small imperfections and scratches in the enamel. Over time, teeth feel rough, porous and eventually, sensitive.The pain of dentine sensitivity is also caused by gengival recession, a condition wich gradually exposes the tubules wich directly transmith to the tooth nerve the sensation of discomfort caused by hot or cold.

Why does BioRepair work so quickly?

The damaged surface layer of enamel and dentin must be repaired in order to fight sensitivity. thanks to MicroRepair, BioRepair toothpaste repairs the tooth enamel, blinding chemically to it and to the dentin, sealing the tubules and preventing hot and cold stimuli from reaching the thooth’s nerve. It also prevents enamel erosion, working against discoloration of the tooth’s natural whiteness. For even more effective results, BioRepair cand be applied directly to the base of the sensitive tooth, massaging delicately for 30 seconds.